2014-2015 Donors

Family Service Agency of Marin Donors over $5,000

Wendy Buchen
Mac and Ann Coffey
Evans Fund
Hilltop Foundation
Mark and Paula Kamena, in memory of Steve Cogan
Margot Fraser Fund
Nightingale Fund
Robert K. and Barbara Straus Family Foundation

Family Service Agency of Marin Donors $500 to $4,999

Helen and Ted Abe
Linda and Mike Allen
Arts Fund for Children Fund
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Nancy and Paul Belza
Benjamin Tanner Fund, in recogntion of Margaret Hallett’s work
Paul R. and Ann Brenner
Chevron Your Cause Matching Gift Program
David and Claudia Chittenden
John T. Curtis
John T. Curtis, in honor of Randy Fong
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Davis
Donald O. and Ronald R. Collins Fund
Robert Duncan and Stephanie Wander Duncan
Michael W. and Carol C. Elgie
Randall and Teresa Fong
Galin-Rosen Charitable Fund
Patricia Garbarino
Deborah and Jonathan Goldman
Jesse and Jade Goranson
David and Margie Guggenhime
David and Margie Guggenhime, in honor of Randy Fong
S. Kramer Herzog
Steve and Kathryn Lauck
Donald and Patricia Leisey
Donald and Patricia Leisey, in memory of Charles W. Lavaroni
Donald and Patricia Leisey, in memory of John “Jack” Thuma
Donald and Patricia Leisey, in memory of Daniel “Jeff” Thorner
Emil and Lenore Maionchi
Deborah and Robert McNeil
Kenneth and Vera Meislin
Gail Noah and Kenneth G. Witte
Tiffany and Joe Noonan
Marlene Paganini, in memory of Alice and William Paganini
PERFORCE Foundation, on behalf of Steve Wolf
Peter and Patricia Arrigoni Fund
Allen and Susan Peters
Roger Peters and Stephanie Moulton-Peters
Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin Fund
Joan C. and Russell Roane, in honor of Roberta Duncan
Alison Roberts, in memory of John B. Roberts
Dorothy and Thomas Ruppanner
San Rafael Harbor Rotary Club Foundation
Eric Shapiro
Frank Solomon, Jr.
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Stephen and Britt Thal Charitable Gift Fund
Mary Van Voorhees
Wardell-Smith Raabe Family Fund
Sandra Woliver
Barbara Wornum

Family Service Agency of Marin Donors up to $500

Roger and Pamela Abendroth
Susan and Frank Adamson
Linda and Jeffrey Aldrich
Dino Alessio
Kenneth Allen
Paul and Geraldine Alpert
Robert A. Anderson and Lois C. Stevens
Peter G. and Karen V. Arnold
Beth Ashley Fellows
Michael and Vyga Baratta
Lisa Barto
Louis Bartolini
Jonathan Bean, in honor of Michael Grogan
Helen and Eldon Beck
Suzanne Beittel
Charles and Maria Benet
Stephanie Berglund, in memory of Marilyn Morris
Larry Berkelhammer and Irma Botvin
Janath Berry-Kadrie and Alex Kadrie
John Beuttler IV
Marion K. Blanton
Johanna and Henri Blok
S. G. Boat
Marilyn Bodine
Karin and Helmut Boeck
Kate and Ken Bordisso, in honor of Connie Gill
Cesarino Bornia
Peter Bowser and Susan Browne Bowser
Ed and Nancy Boyce
Todd and Kirsten Brockman
Donal and Brenda Brown
Barbara Bruhn and Charles Keast
Rebecca Brumbaugh
Bullard Law, in memory of Sue Kramer
Mary Jane Burke
Dorothy Burnett
Marcus Byruck
William Caddell
John E. and Patricia L. Cahill
Terry Caldwell
Danielle Cane
Lisa H. Canin and Robert W. Hoffman, in honor of Julie Quater
Herbert Cano
Kathleen Carnahan
Cindy J. Chang and Christopher J. Hudson
Larry Chu
Katrin Ciaffa
Shirley J. Cicero
The Cogan Family, in memory of Steve Cogan
Laura and Michael J. Collins
Mel and Thelma Colombo, in memory of Phil Bruccoleri
Mel and Thelma Colombo
Anne K. and David Crane, in memory of Emma Keppel
Lawrence and Laraine Cunha
Edward and Sharon Cushman
Ryan and Christina Dang
Bob Davisson
Etta Deikman
Gayle Donsky and Morton Stein
Darby M. and Lawrence Duke
Roberta Duncan
Mary Dunselman
John Edakara
Lori Eicher
Caroline and William Everts
James S. and Marianne M. Farrin
Margaret B. Feld
Louis Ferrari, Jr.
Janis Filice, in memory of Kyle Aaron Scourbys
Floyd Construction, Inc.
Thomas and Sally Freed
Gerald and Allison Freeman
Nancy and Michael Funk, in memory of Steve Cogan
James and Kristy Genuario
Gerald K. Cahill & Kathleen S. King Fund
Donald and Marilyn German
Wendy and Peter Gibb
Connie and Lewis Gill
Robert and Patricia Glass
Frank Gold
Lawrence and Doris Goldberg
Lorrie Goldin and Jonathan Marshall
Esme and Roy Gordon
Adelaide Gore
Jacquelyn and Martin Gottlieb
David and Barbara Green
Stanley and Joan Green
Susan Hyde Greene
Linsey Grinder
Michael Grogan
Michael and Christine Grogan
Gary L. Gross and Carole J. Marks
Margaret Hallett
Sandra and Michael Harner, in memory of Frances Leophart
Sandra and Michael Harner
Robert P. Haro
Lauri M. Harper
Sheryl Hausman, Ph.D.
Vincent Hayes
Ralph and Gillian Hayward
John D. and Maura E. Healy
William and Melody Healy
W. Scott and Corinne M. Hedrick
Victoria and Lawrence Heiges
Ruth B. and Alfred Heller
Thomas and Faye Hendricks, in honor of Ruth Rosen
Allan L. and Nancy Herzog
Nancy Hurtado
Jane M. Jacobs, M.A., in memory of Lexi Lieberman
Jane M. Jacobs, M.A.
Roberta Jeffrey
Barbara Jereb
Norlene Marie Jones
Katherine K. Keating
George and Julianne Keefe
Catherine Kennedy, MD
April A. and Michael D. Kinninger
Timothy W. Kittleson and Michael C. Donaldson
Jane C. and Crispin S. Kraft
Marshall Krause and Janet Navsky
Clementina Moya Kun
Clifford C. Lardinois, Jr.
Susan and Donald Leonard
William J. and Judy F. Levinson, in honor of Joanne Forman
Donald Luber
Michael Maloney
Mike Marcley, in memory of Mrs. Elsie R. Carr
Marin Country Day School
Barry Marrus, in memory of Frances Knudtson
Daniel J. Marsh
Judi McCord
Mari A. McCrohan, in memory of Ed Sotelo
James and Maureen McGeehan
Daniel F. and Nancy L. McLennon
Margaret A. Melsh
Misleidys Mendoza and Fred Carlan Radloff
Roberta S. and Spencer A. Michels
Tami Miller
Bert Milstein, in memory of Marion Sweeting
Glorian A. Mitchell, in memory of Dorothy Lindskog
Mary Mize
Mary and Stephen Mizroch
Phillip Moffitt
Stanley and Nancy Moore
Morgan Stanley
J. Fraser and Helen D. Muirhead
Alice K. and Donald Nakahata
Nimesh and Stefanie Narayan
Alan E. and Patricia T. Negrin
Stephanie Newhall, in memory of Kyle Scourbys
Audrey Newman
Lorraine Williams Norby
Ron Olson
Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Mary and Randy Pascua
Joseph Payne
Stephen and Laurie Pearce
Heather and Jason Pedersen
Melanie P. Pena
PG&E Corporation Foundation Matching Gifts
Joy Phoenix and James Edward
Bruce Pohoriles
Ellin Purdom, in honor of Julie Quater
Julie Quater and John Beuttler III
Olive Quilter, in memory of Steve Cogan
Roxanne M. Rapan
Jean Rhodes
Larry and Diane Rich
Jo Ann and Burt Richardson
Joseph and Peggy Riley, in memory of Kyle Scourbys
Megan Roberts and John Hutchinson, in memory of John Roberts
Carol J. Rodgers
Arlene Rothschild Bush and Marshall Bush, Ph.D.
Martin and Victoria Russell
Saltchuk Resources, Inc.
Nancy and Louis Sanchietti, in honor of David Dresbach
Paul and Yvonne Sasse
Erika Schmale
David and Daly Schreck
Sharon and Stanley Searles
Roberta Seifert, Ph.D.
Denise Shaheen and Gary McConnell, in honor of Margaret Hallett
Kathleen Sheehan Von Langen
Carole and Douglas Sheft
Pat Shelton
Stephen F. Shorb and Sondra M. Archimedes
Anne F. Smith
Henry and Suzanne Smith
Gary R. Spratling
Barbara Stephens
Robert and Jennifer Sterling, in memory of Melinda Grossman
Richard and Judith Sullivan
Svetcov Family Fund
Ardyce Swenson, in memory of Kyle Scourbys
Joyce Tayer
Joan L. and Douglas E. Tessell
Beverly Thomas
Kathleen R. Truax
Brittany Ulshafer, in memory of Kyle Scourbys
Sabra Valdick
Nancy Vernon
Rosemary Wall
Heidi Wallis, in memory of Kyle Scourbys
Esther Wanning and Greg Brockbank
Jody and Peter Wardle
Ivy Z. Wellington
Jeanette R. White and Matthew G. Meldorf
Elizabeth Williamson
Steven Wolf and Ruth Jaeger
Ashley Wood, LCSW
Barbara Wunsch
Caroline and Joe Youmans
Nancy Zaharin
Charlotte and Mario Zelaya, in memory of Steve Cogan
Samuel L. and Nancy Ziegler
Suzanne Zimmerman

FSA Foundation Grants
Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation
Bella Vista Foundation
The Isabel Allende Foundation
Marin Community Foundation

FSA Inkind Donors
County of Marin
Lisa Breeze Lochridge and Wilson Lochridge
Diane Suffridge, Ph.D.

Special thanks to all of FSA’s Marin Human Race Donors. Please note that donations made via CVNL are not listed here.

Suicide Prevention and Community Counseling Donors over $5,000

Peter J. and Veronique Laband Siggins
Tarbell Family Foundation

Suicide Prevention and Community Counseling Donors $500 to $4,999.99

Linda and Mike Allen
Patricia R. and Albert C. Burnham, in honor of the staff at Suicide Prevention & Community Counseling
David Foster Wallace Literary Trust
Marilynne Forguson
Lawrence and Stephanie Hart
Las Gallinas Lions Club
Brenda and Donald MacLean
Margot Fraser Fund
Marin Community Foundation
Ms. Judith McElroy, HCA Family Fund
Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin Fund
Jane Miller
Rosenberger Family Fund
Rosenberger Family Fund, in memory of Sue Kramer
Janet H. Taylor
Robert and Suzanne Whelan

Suicide Prevention & Community Counseling Donors up to $500

Richard L. and Cecilia B. Abbott
Joan K. Adams, in memory of Philip Adams
Richard and Connie Adams
Lynne Alarie, in memory of Marilyn Moss
Paul and Geraldine Alpert
Karen Arnold, in memory of Robin Williams
Joe Franklin Arterberry, MD, FACS
Mary E. and Arthur F. Baca
Anne M. Baele, in memory of Marketta Baele
Theresa and William Bastida, in memory of Sue Kramer
Suzanne Baty
Lise Belton and John Prader, in memory of Leroy Bernard Meeker
Alan and Ellen Berkowitz
Janath Berry-Kadrie and Alex Kadrie
Bonnie and Donald Beyer
Richard Bloch
Goetz and Gunniger Boje
Helen and Alan Bonapart
Jane and Roy Borodkin, in honor of Rina Borodkin
Beryl Bourke
Kerreen L. Brandt, in memory of Cynda Sherman
Donal and Brenda Brown
Wendy Buchen
Helmut and Heide Buettner
Mary Jane Burke
Gerald K. Cahill & Kathleen S. King Fund
Eirwen and Ceri Calden
John and Barbara Chase
Marie Collins
Mel and Thelma Colombo
Vera F. Cook
Aaron Cooperband and Fumi Tanaka
Mimi and H. James Cornelius
Diane and Heinz Dreier
Rekha and Amitabh K. Dutt
Phyllis Eisenman-Lampert, in memory of Hali Eve Johnson
Nancy K. Evans, in memory of Michele Amy Guard, my only daughter
Ellen H. Eyster, in honor of Janet H. Taylor
Jerry L. Farber
Katherine Kirk Feidler
Gerard E. Gerrans, in memory of Leroy Bernard Meeker
Deanne and Harvey Gilbert
James Grant and Jane Stringer
David and Margie Guggenhime, in honor of Linda Sisler
Nancy Ilene Gump, MFT
Marcia Hagen
Sandra and Michael Harner
Nanette Forrest Harris
Earl and Donna Hart
Victoria and Lawrence Heiges
Susan E. and William J. Hoehler, in honor of Doug Brown
Douglas I. Horngrad
H. Dunbar Hoskins
Marlene Ireland, in honor of James and Daniel Williamson
Ervin and Denise Jindrich
Daniel Kalb, Ph.D.
Saundra Kiriluk and David Snyder
Lois Kortum and George McBride
Cynthia Lane and Bob Holton, in memory of Leroy Meeker
Nick Letsos
William J. and Judy F. Levinson, in honor of Joanne Forman
Carolyn A. and Mark A. Lundin, in memory of Lisa Berdahl
Paula J. Machado, in memory of Noel Anthony Machado
Walter T. Mallory
Bettie Mansen, in memory of Perry Milam and Matt Mansen
Melanie and Peter Maier Philanthropic Fund
Samuel G. McClure, in memory of Sue Kramer
John S. McKinney
Elaine G. McMahon
Samuel A. Megeath, III
Helaine and Rudy Melnitzer
Roberta S. and Spencer A. Michels
Constance C. and Daniel B. Morse, in memory of Ginny Crosson
Steve and Ruth Nash
Maureen and Ron Nass, in honor of Kevin James O’Connor
Kathleen Norwood
Patricia and John O’Neil
Robert Okun
Sharon Olivares
Pabst Family Charitable Fund
Michael P. Paganini
Randi Patten, in memory of Therese Palm
The Pell Family Foundation
Linda M. Penney
David and Lore Phillips
Joy Phoenix and James Edward
Terrence V. and Pamela Ponsford
Jillian C. Robinson
Grace Rogers, in memory of Sue Kramer
Katherine Rolston, in memory of Lynn Rolston
Esther Rosha-Stadtler
Harriet and Gurmukh Sarkaria
Paul and Yvonne Sasse
Sue Schueler
Jacqueline Sciarrillo
Gail and William Skarich
William J. Smith and Ann L. Aylwin
Teressa Snyder
Martin Steinman, in memory of Sue Kramer
Gail W. Stern, in honor of Janet H. Taylor
J. Dietrich Stroeh, in memory of Margaret Stroeh
Marjorie Treeger, in memory of Sue Kramer
Paula R. Trehearne
Michael and Janie Truesdell, in memory of Roxanne M. Bickford
Don and Suzanne Ward
Marie Waters
Robert and Jeanette Webster, in honor of Linda Allen
Joan Wright
Winifred and Frank Yim

Suicide Prevention and Community Counseling Foundation Grants
Dan Bavosa Community Volunteer Award Endowment Fund
Marin County Community Services Grant Program
Unity in Marin

We are deeply grateful to our Legacy Society Members
Beth Allen*
Shirley Banks*
Albert Barr
Brian and Betty Beckstrand
Joan Blum
Wendy Buchen*
Marilyn Burns
Marion DeHeer
Jim and Velda Draper
Rod and Tricia Farrow
Steve Eckert
Michael and Carol Elgie*
Thomas E. Flowers
Margot Fraser and Stephen Schoen*
David and Barbara Green*
Margaret Hallett and Joe Jeremy*
S. Kramer Herzog*
George and Janet Hunter
Charlotte Irvine
Joan Lasden
Donald and Patricia Leisey*
J. Michael Mahoney*
Josephine Maisterra
Ralph and Deborah McLeran
Marilyn Mogelberg
Sharon Murphy
Darrell Parker
Martha Radetsky
Ruth Rosen*
Dorothy and Thomas Ruppanner*
Dennis and Becca Ryan
Jack Scott and Shirley Tatum
Nancy Takahashi
Stephen and Britt Thal*
Eleanor Wood
Jay Zlotnick

*Family Service Agency of Marin

This is a complete listing of our 2014-2015 donors to the best of our knowledge. If we have accidentally omitted your name, we apologize! Please contact Katrin Ciaffa at (415) 491-5705 and we will add your name to the list posted on our website.