Beginnings: Growing A Healthy Family

Children don’t arrive with instructions, and the challenges of beginning life with a new baby can be daunting for many. For parents who live in poverty, are isolated from their families, or bear the burden of personal trauma, parenting can be overwhelming and pose serious risks for children that can reverberate throughout their lives.

Now, FSA is launching Beginnings, a no-charge, sixteen-week Parent-Infant Psychotherapy program that provides even greater help to mothers as they nurture loving, healthy families. Parent-Infant Psychotherapy is supportive psychotherapy. The aims are not only to meet the immediate presenting problems in the baby or the toddler, but also to help the parent and child feel more positive about themselves and their interactions.

Parent and baby will meet weekly with a trained therapist either in-home or at FSA offices and in addition to exploring individual childhood issues and current challenges, will cover:

  • Early attachment and bonding
  • Finding time for self care
  • The difference between “baby blues” and postpartum depression and more

A wide range of research consistently shows that intervention at birth can make a profound difference in the life of a child born into an at-risk environment. Graduation rates and academic achievement are higher, lifetime health care costs are lower, and family self-sufficiency is increased. But more significantly, helping a new mother heal the deep wounds of trauma, not only redirects the course of her life, but helps her sustain a loving, healthy environment that nurtures the precious potential in her children.